Two out of three critics are raving about Microstyle!

Originally published Jul 7, 2011

The Name Inspector hopes you know by now that he has written a book. It’s called Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little, and it’s coming out on July 25th (a week earlier for the Nook and Kindle versions). A few people who got advance copies of the book have published reviews, and they’ve said some pretty nice things. It’s enough to make The Name Inspector blush! And then brag.

Let’s start with Robert Swartwood, a writer and the editor of Hint Fiction. He wrote the following review of Microstyle on Goodreads: “This is a must-read for anyone who cares anything for the English language”. Wow, that’s a lot of people. The Name Inspector hopes they all actually do read it. (He hopes they buy it first.) Robert also wrote, “Social network users and fans of Mad Men will especially appreciate it. And, of course, people who like hint fiction.” (Nice job getting a plug in for your own book, Robert!)

Then there’s Donna Seaman’s extremely perceptive and unassailably true review in Booklist (behind a paywall, but you can sign up for a free trial). She called Microstyle “cogent, interesting, and genuinely useful”. She also called it “sophisticated, richly referenced, and example-filled” and “distinctive, instructive, enjoyable, and inspiring”. That’s enough delightful adjectives to last The Name Inspector the rest of the year!

And of course there’s the very first review, which appeared in Library Journal. Maggie Knapp wrote, “For a book on writing short, this is surprisingly long”. Hmmm. OK, fair enough. The Name Inspector likes to think that Microstyle has a good cost-to-information ratio. He could go on about writing little all day!

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