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The Name Inspector is usually too busy inspecting names to scold people about other linguistic matters. But in this case he can no longer stand to remain silent. He emailed William Safire about an error that appeared in his column On Language way back in April. He’s been waiting for a public outcry, rowdy demonstrations [...]

Suppose you want to write a computer program to look for unregistered domain names. You could devise a simple algorithm to produce all possible combinations of four letters, five letters, six letters, etc. But that would give you a whole mess of unpronounceable domains, like So, you might want to strategize a little. You [...]

Until that elusive next name analysis appears, The Name Inspector would like to offer his readers another rare treat: a chance at a free pass to the Biznik-sponsored BizJam indie business conference happening next Wednesday and Thursday in Seattle. Long-time readers, or readers who’ve done some clicking around on this blog, might remember The Name [...]