An abundance of wit & substance
-MSDS Branding on Twitter


[The Name Inspector's] blog is the best on naming I’ve ever seen. I’m buying his book. So should you.
-Charles Bohannan, Wordful


[one of the] Most Influential Entrepreneur-Bloggers of Seattle
-Marcelo Calbucci, Seattle 2.0


there’s no annoying branding speak, just sharp insights, a distinctive voice and a smart, wide-ranging perspective.
-Kate Washington, Sacramento News & Review


this blog is simply top of the heap.
-Postalicious, New Indian Express


If you like Language Log, you should love this.

Intellectual Blogger Award image

-Jessica Palmer, Bioephemera


Damn, this guy is good.
-Chris Pirillo


We’re word nerds, so we were hooked immediately.
-James Callan, Seattlest


the most rationally strategic person on the science of naming that I have found online
-Gregory Ng, Get Contagious


one of my favorite bloggers
-Nancy Friedman, Fritinancy


a detailed and lovely blog
-Allegra Bliss Searle-LeBel, Black Rock Federal Credit Union


a fun, well written blog that is worth some time
-John Cook, Venture Blog, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


a great read
-Mike Sansone, ConverStations


a fun and interesting blog
-Richard MacManus, Read/WriteWeb


a very good conceptual framework for the process of naming a company or product
-Guy Kawasaki, How to Change the World, on this post


The Name Inspector really gets our name. Cool!
-Jackson Fish Market


One of my favorite new blogs
-Paul Montgomery, Tinfinger


a great blog
-Rich Skrenta, Skrentablog


i think my first child’s name will be the Name Inspector.
-marina, commenter on Fimoculous


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