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Shelly Farnham and Peter Brown are the co-founders of Waggle Labs, a Seattle software and consulting company that specializes in social technology. Their new product, Pathable, lets participants in social events tag themselves with their interests and personal connections to find other similar participants. Shelly and Peter were kind enough to share a story about [...]

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The name Twitter is not itself a pun, but it’s a set-up for a pun. It pretends to be a simple metaphorical name that casts the textual cacophony of its special kind of web exhibitionism as bird noise. But then there’s the connection to the expression all atwitter, used to describe someone filled with emotional [...]

BusinessWeek on new words

Catherine Holahan at has written a nice, though brief, article about the trouble lexicographers have keeping up with all the new words that are being rapidly created and disseminated on the web (e.g. wiki, google, vlog, mash-up). Lexicographers have not traditionally allowed new words into their dictionaries until those words show evidence of consistent [...]

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A while ago Allegra Searle-LeBel sent in a story about naming her online media-editing startup: We had been struggling for about 2 months, trying to find the right name. There was this funny, almost mystical sense that it existed *somewhere*. We just needed to keep slogging through the troughs of lame options and almost good [...]

Reminder: Ignite tonight!

Seattleites: Don’t forget to come to the Capitol Hill Arts Center tonight for Ignite Seattle!. The Make Magazine paper airplane event starts at 6:30, and the 5-minute talks start at 8:30 (the second round starts at 9:45). The Name Inspector will be merely one of sixteen fascinating speakers. [tags]ignite, igniteseattle, ignite seattle, paper airplanes, lightning [...]

If you’ve bought an artsy-crafty item on the web lately, or if you read Fred Wilson’s blog A VC, then you’ve probably run into Etsy. Since launching in June 2005, this Brooklyn-based company has managed to build an extremely enthusiastic fan base and become the eBay of handmade goods. Etsy is all about community. There’s [...]