“Kuri, Ozlo, Cujo: Why Do So Many Robot Names Sound Alike?”


 ”It’s a wrap: delish unsandwiches and the rise of the non-word”


“The Name Game: Christening Your Business for Success”


“Namifying has gotten out of controlify”


 ”Brandify Me, Baby!”


 ”Feeling a Bit Iffy About ‘Abilify’ “


“Some states rebrand controversial Common Core education standards”

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“From Google to Warby Parker: The Origins Behind 10 of the Wackiest Company Names”


“Mind Your Media Manners”


“Veja como dar nome à sua empresa sem cair em modismos”

Folha de S.Paulo


“Why Startups Are Sporting Increasingly Quirky Names”


“Ten Questions to Ask Before Naming Your Business”


“Dear Apple: Stop the funnification: Advertisers love coining words nearly as much as critics love skewering them”


“The Elements–Molecules, Atoms and Quarks–of Style”


“Rhetoric from Satan to Twitter”


“New words from noncelebrity neologizers: Extrudel, the urbigator, and other vital additions to your vocabulary”


“Three new books about writing and language”

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“The Mad Men Revolution”


“Are you a master of brevity yet?”


“Brevity is the soul of wit. So I’ll say this quickly…”


“Branding: The Peril Of Big Ideas”


“La comunicazione al tempo dei social network”


“New book tells us how to tell it simply”


“The Soul of Brevity: Making every word count–in ads, slogans, signs and even Twitter”


“Wooing With Words in the Age of the Incredible Shrinking Message”


“The Great Language Land Grab”


“Rupert Murdoch claims to own the ‘Sky’ in ‘Skype’”



“The art of startup names”



“How to Choose the Best Name For Your Business”



“How to pick the perfect name for your blog or startup”



“HOW TO: Pick the Perfect Name for Your Startup”



“Good Domain Names Grow Scarce”



“The Best (and Worst) Business Names”



“The Name Inspector”



“Featuring The Name Inspector”



“Top Ten Worst Web App Names”



“Seattlest Interview: The Name Inspector”



“What is a Zillow? A guide to names”




Radio interviews


Half-hour interview with Mark Lynch on WICN Public Radio


Hour-long call-in interview with Gene Purcell on Wisconsin Public Radio


Brief interview with Toby Nelson on KBCS radio



Half-hour interview with Raul Gallyot on KWMR, West Marin Community Radio

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