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The Name Inspector was amused–and appalled–to read in the New York Times about a website called Noomii. It’s a directory to help you find a life coach or business coach, and yes, it’s supposed to evoke the phrase “new me”. From one point of view, the name is appropriate. New you, new spelling! But The [...]

Photo from Flickr by Stuart Seeger. Used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license. Remember a while back when The Name Inspector did a post about Seattle startup names, and promised a series of posts about names in other entrepreneurial hotspots? This is the next in that series: a little post about Austin startup names. To [...]

The Name Inspector’s getting local. He’s decided to take a look at all 409 names in Seattle 2.0′s Seattle Startup Index. In his grand vision, this is the first in a series of posts about company names in different local startup scenes. Do entrepreneurs in Seattle do it differently from the ones in Boston or [...]

Sometimes it takes a crazy kind of name to snap a name inspector out of a long dry spell. Verb for Shoe is just that kind of name. It belongs to a computerized, interactive shoe created by MIT-spinoff VectraSense Technologies. Apparently this shoe detects different activities of its wearer and inflates and deflates cushions in [...]

Withoutabox The Internet Movie Database, a subsidiary of, recently acquired a film distribution company called Withoutabox. has a digital movie download service called Unbox. These names just make too cute a pair for The Name Inspector to ignore, and bring up some grammatical issues that he expects will delight and amuse you. OK, [...]

Six Apart

Web publishing platform builders Six Apart sort of recently released Movable Type 4. This is as good an excuse as The Name Inspector is likely to get to write about the name Six Apart, so… Like Jackson Fish Market or 37signals, Six Apart is an enigmatic name. You have to visit the website or learn [...]

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Most company names consist of just one or two meaningful parts. That makes sense, because brevity is important in a name for several reasons: memorability, simplicity of pronunciation, ease of writing and typing, and graphic compactness in a logo. So crowded is the space of names, however, that people have been forced into three-meaningful-part territory. [...]

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Have you noticed that your local Kinko’s has become FedEx Kinko’s? Kinko’s is known for having a laid-back corporate culture. Maybe a little too laid back. The Name Inspector once went to a 24-hour Kinko’s in Manhattan, and there was no one there. Not only were there no other customers, but there were no employees, [...]

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