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Last week John Cook at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer asked: What is it with the word ‘dango’ and internet companies?. Of course, there’s the online movie site Fandango. And then there’s Portland’s Jobdango and Seattle’s Zoodango. Now, a former Microsoft project manager is rolling out a new site called GodDango, which he hopes will become a [...]

TrenchMice is was a site where people can share inside scoops about the companies where they work. Trenchmouse John has written a great post about how they came up with the name TrenchMice. This is one of the best, most thorough naming stories that The Name Inspector has come across. John wrote the post in [...]

The Name Inspector has written about a couple specific blog names (TechCrunch, How to Change the World), but hasn’t really talked much about the genre of blog names. That’s partly because blog names are all over the map. They show no single conventional naming style, because what we call blogs can be like so many [...]

The Name Inspector is at Gnomedex right now. Vanessa Fox, who founded Google Webmaster Central and now works at Zillow, just led an impromptu discussion about, among other things, how you become a brand when you have a heavy online presence. That fact has created a new world of naming, and Vanessa has a crazy [...]

The Name Inspector: Top blog

Somehow The Name Inspector has taken over the top blog spot on Technorati, beating out Engadget, Boing Boing, and all the other usual suspects. And with an authority rating of only 170. OK, so this is some kind of bug on Technorati. But The Name Inspector finds it pretty amusing. [tags]technorati, top blog, top blogs, [...]

Next week The Name Inspector will be attending Gnomedex, a technology conference/unconference that happens in Seattle. (If you’re also going to be there, come find The Name Inspector and say hi.) That makes this a great time to write about the name Gnomedex. To understand this name, you first need to know (if you don’t [...]