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If Obama wins the presidential election, he won’t just make history for being the first black president of the United States. He’ll also break new linguistic ground in the list of presidents’ names. And The Name Inspector is not talking about the fact that his middle name is Hussein. Coming to terms with the blend [...]

A while ago Allegra Searle-LeBel sent in a story about naming her online media-editing startup: We had been struggling for about 2 months, trying to find the right name. There was this funny, almost mystical sense that it existed *somewhere*. We just needed to keep slogging through the troughs of lame options and almost good [...]

It’s probably safe to say that Amazon (or has achieved the status of an iconic name. So, does the word Amazon bear any meaningful relation to the company Amazon is of course the name of the South American river which is the largest in the world. There were also ancient women warriors, made [...]

As a denizen of the Emerald City, the Name Inspector has been intrigued by the meteoric rise of the online real estate service Zillow, and has speculated on the origins of their name. Those speculations, though enjoyable, have turned out to be pointless, because it says right there on their website how they came up [...]