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Residents of the Seattle area, have you been to Ignite Seattle!? (Please note that The Name Inspector is not loose with his exclamation points–that one is part of the name Ignite Seattle!.) The third one is happening next week–Thursday, April 5–at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. At 6:30 there’s some sort of group building project [...]

Hosting that Biznik workshop on naming has inspired The Name Inspector to post some tips about the actual naming process. First, to get an idea of how much money and time big corporations spend on name development, check out Valleywag’s post about how AOL named its new search service (thanks to Brady Forrest for sending [...]

On Monday The Name Inspector hosted a Biznik workshop and everyone discussed the name of the popular photo-sharing site Flickr. It’s an interesting case study in selecting a real word to serve as a business name. The word flicker clearly evokes scenarios associated with light and photography. One person said it reminded her of movie [...]

The name Skype combines the familiar and the peculiar. Though there’s that unmistakable word sky in there, the end of the name is a bit of a mystery. On the Skype forum, an employee reveals that the name was derived from the expression sky peer-to-peer, which was shortened to Skyper and then to Skype. So [...]

Are you a businessperson in the Seattle area? Are you naming (or renaming) your company, product or service? Join The Name Inspector for a Biznik workshop on Monday, March 19. The cost is $20, and don’t dawdle, because the workshop is limited to 20 participants. Basic membership in Biznik is free, so click on the [...]

The post on 10 company name types was so well received that The Name Inspector has decided, shamelessly, to make a sequel. This time we’ll look at names for lesser-known search engines, in which The Name Inspector has a special interest. The fodder for this analysis is the list of the Top 100 Alternative Search [...]

If you found the title of this post a little confusing, then you have some idea what’s wrong with the name Tenacious Offense. This name belongs to young Seattle-based company that seems to be a kind of rent-a-bizdev team for small startups trying to land big clients. Thanks to Brant Williams for writing and sharing [...]