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Naming 101 for Seattle 2.0

Marcelo Calbucci, founder and CTO of Sampa, invited The Name Inspector to do a guest post for his Seattle 2.0 blog. The post is up. It’s a brief and basic naming primer for entrepreneurs. Readers of this blog, connoisseurs that you are, may find the material a bit elementary, but just in case you want [...]

Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb has posted a great list of the 10 worst web app names. The comment section, just as great, shows that those ten have a lot of competition. [tags]readwriteweb, rrw[/tags]

This has nothing to do with naming, but it’s gorgeous: The Name Inspector website depicted as a graph, created by Sala’s app. Thanks to swissmiss for the tip.

BusinessWeek on new words

Catherine Holahan at has written a nice, though brief, article about the trouble lexicographers have keeping up with all the new words that are being rapidly created and disseminated on the web (e.g. wiki, google, vlog, mash-up). Lexicographers have not traditionally allowed new words into their dictionaries until those words show evidence of consistent [...]