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The Name Inspector’s getting local. He’s decided to take a look at all 409 names in Seattle 2.0′s Seattle Startup Index. In his grand vision, this is the first in a series of posts about company names in different local startup scenes. Do entrepreneurs in Seattle do it differently from the ones in Boston or [...]

Sometimes a certain naming concept comes into vogue. In some cases, such as the post-Napster trend for names ending in -ster, or the more recent boom in names ending in -dango, the phenomenon can be traced to an original name that inspires imitators. In other cases, there seems to be more of a Zeitgeist effect–the [...]

The Name Inspector is planning a big post about Seattle startup names (and will of course refer to Seattle 2.0′s Seattle Startup Index). So he can add a little human interest, he’d love to hear from you Seattle entrepreneurs out there about how you named your company, what your company name means to you, what [...]

(The Name Inspector used to do this as a semi-regular feature, and then stopped. He’s going to try reviving it for a while, but this time, with words!) While strolling down 1st Ave in Seattle, The Name Inspector was struck by the name of this cafe. Inside there were displays of what looked like traditional [...]