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On a recent flight to San Francisco, The Name Inspector was seated, by coincidence, right across the aisle from an acquaintance. On the return flight, he was moved from an aisle to a middle seat to accommodate a family, and found himself right next to the same guy. Weird. Anyway, the two had ample time [...]

Every year, the blog LexioPhiles has a contest of sorts to pick the world’s top language blogs. The Name Inspector has been lucky enough to be included in those unscientifically chosen but distinguished ranks in the past. Now they’re at it again. Please consider casting a vote. Just click on this button (included for your [...]

Who hasn’t had the frustrating experience of regretting having missed a big game that everyone talks about the next day? Actually, The Name Inspector hasn’t–for a reasonably sporty fellow he’s oddly immune to the normal enthusiasms of sports spectatorship. Don’t get him wrong, he can appreciate a well caught ball, an impressive defensive maneuver, or [...]