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Paul Montgomery writes about his company’s name: Tinfinger is intended to be to the Who’s Who what Wikipedia was to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Its main function is a search engine of biographical information on famous and semi-famous public figures. It also has news aggregation features similar to Techmeme, based around people’s names instead of hyperlink [...]

Every once in a while The Name Inspector likes to step back and look at the big picture. This post illustrates ten name categories that account for all the names in the TechCrunch company/product index. Well, almost all of them. The name 1 800 Free 411 would have required its own category, and that would [...]

When The Name Inspector decided to go into business, the first book he bought was Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of the Start. Why? Well, it did get great reviews on Amazon. But another factor was the poetic title. Not only does it rhyme, but the word art is orthographically and phonetically contained in the word [...]

Hillel Cooperman of Jackson Fish Market sent a pointer to his naming story, which appears in the first post of his company blog. Head on over and take a look. But please do come back. Back? Good. The name Jackson Fish Market belongs to a small software company. That could be outright confusing, couldn’t it? [...]

It’s probably safe to say that Amazon (or has achieved the status of an iconic name. So, does the word Amazon bear any meaningful relation to the company Amazon is of course the name of the South American river which is the largest in the world. There were also ancient women warriors, made [...]

A reader suggested doing a profile of this name, and The Name Inspector thought that was a pretty good idea. The name Digg depends on felicitous ambiguity, of which The Name Inspector is something of a connoisseur. (He even wrote a dissertation about it, though the kind he focused on there was a bit different). [...]

What follows is a story from Dan McComb, one of the founders of Biznik, a Seattle-based social network for independent business people. Dan’s story is so well told that it’s quoted in its entirety here. By the way, the Name Inspector gets a real kick out of the name Biznik, but, as a Biznik member [...]

The striking thing about the name 37signals is that almost no one will have any idea where it comes from or what it means. It’s an enigma, and if you want to get to the bottom of it, you have to do some investigating. Curiosity is rewarded in the company manifesto: Mankind constantly analyzes radio [...]

LiftPort follow-up

The Name Inspector would like to thank Michael Laine and Brian Dunbar for their gracious responses to his critical comments about the name LiftPort. Brian links to the critique in a good-natured post. In a comment Michael vows to impress the world with results rather than words. That’s really what matters, isn’t it? In the [...]

Some of the Name Inspector’s readers have commented that the posts so far have all been pretty positive. While he has made a conscious decision to play nice until people get to know him, the Name Inspector is not all bunnies and butterflies. Here’s a story about a name that doesn’t work, bravely submitted by [...]