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Last month Rogelio Bernal Andreo shared this naming story with The Name Inspector: The story of coRank is a bit unusual. Back early last year I was thinking of launching a couple of services and wasn’t sure what name to pick (you know how “easy” is to grab a decent .com these days), so I [...]

Several months ago Mike Buckbee told The Name Inspector about his startup named Fabjectory. It will take a 3D digital representation of your Nintendo Mii or SecondLife avatar, or a 3D model you create yourself with SketchUp, and turn it into an actual physical object. Making the virtual real seems to be a new trend. [...]

Naming 101 for Seattle 2.0

Marcelo Calbucci, founder and CTO of Sampa, invited The Name Inspector to do a guest post for his Seattle 2.0 blog. The post is up. It’s a brief and basic naming primer for entrepreneurs. Readers of this blog, connoisseurs that you are, may find the material a bit elementary, but just in case you want [...]

Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb has posted a great list of the 10 worst web app names. The comment section, just as great, shows that those ten have a lot of competition. [tags]readwriteweb, rrw[/tags]

In the 10 company name types post, The Name Inspector identified ten ways to put together a name out of meaningful parts. That post was about the nuts and bolts of a name’s structure. This is the first post is a series that will focus on an issue that’s more slippery but also more fundamental: [...]

We’re really getting a chance to enjoy the graphic possibilities of the letters i and j lately. If you’re a blogger you can put a Lijit Wijit on your blog. And now there’s Kijiji. Actually, there has been Kijiji for a while now in other countries, but eBay has just launched a U.S. version of [...]

The Name Inspector has sort of been on vacation this week, but came across a name whose existence cannot go unremarked. It’s Thoof, for a user-submitted news personalization site. This is a name that defies criticism. It’s so intentionally meaningless and phonetically counterintuitive that it renders irrelevant any earnest discussion of its strengths and weaknesses. [...]

James Callan over at Seattlest has posted an interview with The Name Inspector–or rather, with the fellow behind The Name Inspector. [tags]seattlest, seattle, jamescallan, james callan, the name inspector, thenameinspector, interview[/tags]