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The Name Inspector’s 10 name types post has been translated into Russian. Just for fun, here it is translated back into English by Google Translate.

Most company names consist of just one or two meaningful parts. That makes sense, because brevity is important in a name for several reasons: memorability, simplicity of pronunciation, ease of writing and typing, and graphic compactness in a logo. So crowded is the space of names, however, that people have been forced into three-meaningful-part territory. [...]

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This has nothing to do with naming, but it’s gorgeous: The Name Inspector website depicted as a graph, created by Sala’s app. Thanks to swissmiss for the tip.

Have you noticed that your local Kinko’s has become FedEx Kinko’s? Kinko’s is known for having a laid-back corporate culture. Maybe a little too laid back. The Name Inspector once went to a 24-hour Kinko’s in Manhattan, and there was no one there. Not only were there no other customers, but there were no employees, [...]

Some of you have sent email or left comments asking for advice about how to name your company. The Name Inspector hopes you understand that it takes work to come up with good suggestions, and it’s not really sensible for him to do that work for free because his time is scarce and there are [...]