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*** Two recent neologisms based on the word bartender will be bandied about in Seattle this weekend, and The Name Inspector believes that comparing them might yield some interesting insights. The new words are budtender and biketender. A budtender is someone who works in a marijuana store or medical marijuana dispensary, helping people select the right kind of [...]

The University of Washington is one of those grand, beautiful flagship public universities and a driving force in Seattle’s hopping economy. The Name Inspector has loved the UW ever since he moved to Seattle, and not only because he happens to be married to a brilliant and beautiful history professor who works there. Heck, his [...]

Microstyle in Korean!

The Name Inspector received a mysterious package of books today from Norton, publisher of his book Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little. The paperback version already? No, too early for that. Inside he was delighted to find four copies of the Korean translation of Microstyle, with the distinctive exclamation point graphic on the cover replaced [...]

Come meet this cute, colorful little owl at the very first Seattle Interactive Conference next month! Actually, The Name Inspector isn’t sure the owl will be there. But the conference is sure to be colorful anyway. Seattle Interactive is about the sweet spot where “technology, creativity, and emergent trends” intersect. That means entrepreneurs will be [...]

The Name Inspector is excited to announce that the Kindle version of his book, Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little, is available for purchase and immediate delivery on He’s a little torn, though. On the one hand he’d like to heartily encourage everyone with a Kindle to buy his book now. On the other [...]

The Name Inspector has created a new page to round up press mentions of this blog. If you check it out, you’ll find that The Name Inspector is quoted in an article about domain names in the latest issue of Inc. magazine. Who else is quoted in the same paragraph? Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy. [...]

The experiment continues. The Name Inspector is once again having “office hours” consultations at greatly reduced prices. In-person meetings are best (for you Seattle folks), but phone/chat works too. Contact him today or tomorrow for details.

Not so long ago, The Name Inspector’s younger son got his first pair of shoes at Nordstrom. As a little lagniappe, he also got a plush toy named Nordy, whose head is shown on the right above. This is definitely The Name Inspector’s favorite plush toy inspired by a sketch by a famous philosopher of [...]

On Wednesday the Global Language Monitor “announced” that English got its one-millionth word at precisely 10:22 am GMT that day. And the word was Web 2.0, so naturally, blogs such as  Mashable, John Battelle’s Searchblog,  and TechCrunch took notice. Now, The Name Inspector realizes that the “millionth word” story is a ridiculous play for attention [...]

A few days ago John Cook reported that lawyers from job site Jobdango want the folks at Zoodango, a site that has nothing to do with jobs, to stop using the name Zoodango because the -dango ending infringes on Jobdango’s trademark. Zoodango CEO James Sun said they’d fight the trademark issue even though they’re changing [...]

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