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The Name Inspector has written about a couple specific blog names (TechCrunch, How to Change the World), but hasn’t really talked much about the genre of blog names. That’s partly because blog names are all over the map. They show no single conventional naming style, because what we call blogs can be like so many [...]

In the 10 company name types post, The Name Inspector identified ten ways to put together a name out of meaningful parts. That post was about the nuts and bolts of a name’s structure. This is the first post is a series that will focus on an issue that’s more slippery but also more fundamental: [...]

Most company names consist of just one or two meaningful parts. That makes sense, because brevity is important in a name for several reasons: memorability, simplicity of pronunciation, ease of writing and typing, and graphic compactness in a logo. So crowded is the space of names, however, that people have been forced into three-meaningful-part territory. [...]

Residents of the Seattle area, have you been to Ignite Seattle!? (Please note that The Name Inspector is not loose with his exclamation points–that one is part of the name Ignite Seattle!.) The third one is happening next week–Thursday, April 5–at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. At 6:30 there’s some sort of group building project [...]

The post on 10 company name types was so well received that The Name Inspector has decided, shamelessly, to make a sequel. This time we’ll look at names for lesser-known search engines, in which The Name Inspector has a special interest. The fodder for this analysis is the list of the Top 100 Alternative Search [...]

Every once in a while The Name Inspector likes to step back and look at the big picture. This post illustrates ten name categories that account for all the names in the TechCrunch company/product index. Well, almost all of them. The name 1 800 Free 411 would have required its own category, and that would [...]

The striking thing about the name 37signals is that almost no one will have any idea where it comes from or what it means. It’s an enigma, and if you want to get to the bottom of it, you have to do some investigating. Curiosity is rewarded in the company manifesto: Mankind constantly analyzes radio [...]

Pandora is the character from Greek mythology who opened a jar (or box) and released evil and woe into the world. Doesn’t sound like good material for a name, does it? Isn’t calling a music service Pandora kind of like calling a women’s athletic shoe Incubus? No, it’s not like that at all. When people [...]