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Word travels fast on the web. That can be a big boon to a business, but it has its down side as well. Consider Blews. This is the name of a news aggregator being developed at Microsoft Research. It not only displays news stories, but also shows how much they’re being discussed in blogs from [...]

After a brief scare, The Name Inspector is happy to report that his WordPress installation is up-do-date, his blog spam-free, and his musings back in Google search results. Something at Google is working very efficiently, whether it’s the crawl or the appeal process, and The Name Inspector appreciates that.

The Name Inspector is reaching out to regular readers with a warning and a plea. It will be mostly regular readers reading this, because The Name Inspector has been dropped from Google search results. Until recently this site was among the top ten or so results for searches on “company names” and “naming”, and now [...]