A few featured names that The Name Inspector has come up with:


Zulily, a flash sales site featuring products for kids, babies, and moms, is ”one of the fastest growing companies ever to emerge from Seattle’s startup community” (John Cook, GeekWire). It was founded in 2010 and grew into a profitable, multibillion-dollar publicly traded company (ZU on the NASDAQ) in less than four years, and was named Seattle’s “Next Tech Titan” at the 2013 GeekWire Awards. Zulily was acquired by QVC owner Liberty Interactive in 2015.


A brand of home coffee brewing equipment.


Home delivery of fresh craft beer on tap.


A longer alphabetical list of names that The Name Inspector has come up with:


Connects top art collectors to the best contemporary art.


An online florist.


A documentary, film, and animation studio.


Connects global EB5 investors to job-creating development projects in the U.S.


Digitizes data from paper documents.


Compliance management solutions.



A media- and tech-oriented law firm.


Software that collects and organizes information about your email and social network contacts. Now part of BlackBerry.


Home delivery of fresh craft beer on tap.


Maker of wearable mobile accessories. Their FLEX wearable modem won a prestigious Good Design Award.


Maker of REST APIs for productivity data.



A search engine for affiliate marketing offers.


Mobile software for service field workers.


A suite of web marketing tools for higher education.


Maker of the Qlipter and other useful and innovative products.


Mindsite logo

A mental health website.


A brand of home coffee brewing equipment.


An SMS solution platform.


A cloud-based electronic design automation (EDA) company.


An IoT startup that enables mass personalization for live events.


A community where young people seek help from backers who invest their money, mentoring, and connections in exchange for a share of future earnings.

A consulting firm that uses a data-driven approach to optimize work processes.


An innovative multipurpose clip based on a carabiner.


A personal finance consultancy.


A small business consulting firm.


A platform for making local purchases online.


Context modeling software.


A publisher of comic-book versions of popular nonfiction books. One of Entrepreneur magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” for 2012.


A travel advice and trip planning website.


A digital media company.


An Agile software development consulting firm.


A mobile app for using multiple phone lines on one device.


TableFare logo

A maker of kitchen and dining implements.


Software solutions for managing IT assets.


Online marketing and creative agency.


Open-source database software.


A social platform and marketplace for designers, suppliers, independent retailers, and small-batch producers.


Viviti CMS logo

An online website builder and content management system.


A flash sales site featuring products for kids, babies, and moms.


Names for which The Name Inspector offered consulting in the selection process:


A technology news site.


An app for arranging lunch meetings with strangers.


A non-profit science and advocacy organization.



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