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Have you noticed that your local Kinko’s has become FedEx Kinko’s? Kinko’s is known for having a laid-back corporate culture. Maybe a little too laid back. The Name Inspector once went to a 24-hour Kinko’s in Manhattan, and there was no one there. Not only were there no other customers, but there were no employees, [...]

On Monday The Name Inspector hosted a Biznik workshop and everyone discussed the name of the popular photo-sharing site Flickr. It’s an interesting case study in selecting a real word to serve as a business name. The word flicker clearly evokes scenarios associated with light and photography. One person said it reminded her of movie [...]

It’s probably safe to say that Amazon (or has achieved the status of an iconic name. So, does the word Amazon bear any meaningful relation to the company Amazon is of course the name of the South American river which is the largest in the world. There were also ancient women warriors, made [...]

Occasionally the Name Inspector writes about names for companies, products, or services that have achieved iconic status. There are lessons to be learned from these names, sometimes because they’re great, and sometimes because they show it’s possible to succeed with a so-so name. Apple Computers is a great name. It’s a model solution to a [...]