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Why the “millionth word” story is silly

Originally published Jun 12, 2009 On Wednesday the Global Language Monitor “announced” that English got its one-millionth word at precisely 10:22 am GMT that day. And the word was Web 2.0, so naturally, blogs such as  Mashable, John Battelle’s Searchblog,  and TechCrunch took notice. Now, The Name … Continue reading

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Will we bing? Having bung, will we ever google again?

Originally published May 30, 2009 The Name Inspector knew it. He just knew that Microsoft went with the name Bing because it makes a better verb than, say, Kumo, which sounds like a radio or TV station (like Seattle’s KOMO). Or that crazy killer dog dreamt up by Stephen … Continue reading

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Dear New York Times: Nobody’s a perfect

Originally published Jul 23, 2008 The Name Inspector is usually too busy inspecting names to scold people about other linguistic matters. But in this case he can no longer stand to remain silent. He emailed William Safire about an error that appeared … Continue reading

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