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The Name Inspector is about more than just names–he considers himself a sort of cultural ambassador. So he’s setting aside his name inspecting cap for a moment to perform a timely public service. If you Gentiles out there have played your cards right, you may have received an invitation to attend your first Passover Seder this [...]

Come meet this cute, colorful little owl at the very first Seattle Interactive Conference next month! Actually, The Name Inspector isn’t sure the owl will be there. But the conference is sure to be colorful anyway. Seattle Interactive is about the sweet spot where “technology, creativity, and emergent trends” intersect. That means entrepreneurs will be [...]

The Name Inspector would like to apologize to those of you who’ve recently contacted him about office hours. He’s been overwhelmed with requests, too busy to schedule times for consultation, and falling behind in his email. So he’s done what any sane person would do under the circumstances: slipped out of his office in disguise [...]

The office hours experiment has been a smashing success. The Name Inspector should have done it a long time ago. So the fun continues! If you haven’t signed up for your own $20 verbal branding consultation yet, you can still do it. And here’s a new twist. The Name Inspector feels bad about excluding people [...]

Marcelo Calbucci and the other good people at Seattle 2.0 have done a lot to help the startup community in Seattle. Now they’re doing something else: organizing the Seattle 2.0 Awards 2009 to recognize others who’ve made important contributions to the startup scene. Please consider visiting the awards website and nominating your favorites in a [...]

Seattle-area residents: Are you naming a new business, product, or service? Are you considering a name change? Do you have other questions about verbal branding? And that includes branding yourself: Are you trying to put your best verbal foot forward in a resume? It’s come to The Name Inspector’s attention that lots of people would [...]

Until that elusive next name analysis appears, The Name Inspector would like to offer his readers another rare treat: a chance at a free pass to the Biznik-sponsored BizJam indie business conference happening next Wednesday and Thursday in Seattle. Long-time readers, or readers who’ve done some clicking around on this blog, might remember The Name [...]

The Name Inspector is at Gnomedex right now. Vanessa Fox, who founded Google Webmaster Central and now works at Zillow, just led an impromptu discussion about, among other things, how you become a brand when you have a heavy online presence. That fact has created a new world of naming, and Vanessa has a crazy [...]

Next week The Name Inspector will be attending Gnomedex, a technology conference/unconference that happens in Seattle. (If you’re also going to be there, come find The Name Inspector and say hi.) That makes this a great time to write about the name Gnomedex. To understand this name, you first need to know (if you don’t [...]

Some of you have sent email or left comments asking for advice about how to name your company. The Name Inspector hopes you understand that it takes work to come up with good suggestions, and it’s not really sensible for him to do that work for free because his time is scarce and there are [...]

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