Two brags: Inc. magazine, Top 100 Language Blogs

Originally published Jul 30, 2009

The Name Inspector has created a new page to round up press mentions of this blog. If you check it out, you’ll find that The Name Inspector is quoted in an article about domain names in the latest issue of Inc. magazine. Who else is quoted in the same paragraph? Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy. Big time, baby!

Speaking of the big time, The Name Inspector is pleased to announce that Lexiophiles has included this blog among the world’s Top 100 Language Blogs for 2009 (#28, to be specific). Thanks to those of you who voted! What’s more, The Name Inspector ranked #3 among blogs by language professionals. #1 and #2 are Separated by a Common Language and The Shifted Librarian, respectively. Fritinancy, a fellow namer’s blog and one of The Name Inspector’s faves, is #4. Given the arbitrary nature of such rankings, let’s call that a satisfying dead heat. The Top 100 list is heavily skewed toward blogs about language learning (which isn’t surprising, since that’s a focus of the Lexiophiles site), and doesn’t include such heavy hitters as Language Log, so it isn’t comprehensive. But The Name Inspector is honored nonetheless.

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