The Name Inspector at Ignite Seattle!

Originally published Mar 28, 2007

Residents of the Seattle area, have you been to Ignite Seattle!? (Please note that The Name Inspector is not loose with his exclamation points–that one is part of the name Ignite Seattle!.) The third one is happening next week–Thursday, April 5–at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. At 6:30 there’s some sort of group building project sponsored by Make Magazine, and at 8:30 the first of two rounds of lightning talks begins. You’ll be able to hear The Name Inspector expound upon names, words, and the human mind for exactly 5 minutes.

Ignite is one of the best tech/science/geek events in town, and it’s absolutely free. It’s organized by Brady Forrest of O’Reilly Radar and Bre Pettis of Make, and sponsored by some generous local (and non-local) companies. The first Ignite was held downstairs at CHAC and was packed, so they had the second one in a larger upstairs room. That was packed, too. The third one is bound to be the biggest yet, so get there early if you want to sit down. If you didn’t make either previous Ignite event, there are pictures and videos available.

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