The Name Inspector published a blog on naming, branding, and language from 2007 to 2016. In its heyday, the blog was the toast of the land (well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration) and enjoyed, for a while, the top spot in results for a Google search on “company naming” (that part is true). What began as a blog became a naming consultancy, and The Name Inspector named many companies, including Seattle’s own dearly departed Zulily.

Unfortunately for his readers, The Name Inspector got sucked into the tech world and neglected the blog, even letting the web hosting lapse. In response to numerous requests, and just to prove that he actually did all this blogging, he has decided to republish the old material and possibly even write some new posts. That’s what this reborn site is for.

Oh, The Name Inspector always writes in the third person. That was sort of his thing. You’ll get used to it.

Well, he slipped into the second person there, but you know what he means.

You’ll notice that links in the posts point to, which in many cases is appropriate because they’re old links, but for blog-internal links it’s not appropriate and it will take a while for The Name Inspector to fix them all. Please be patient.

And by the way, The Name Inspector is doing consulting work again! If you need a company name, a product name, or some other help with verbal branding or fancy-schmancy linguistic analysis, contact him at