Really? 10 questions about social media content

Originally published Feb 18, 2016

The Name Inspector has noticed frequent feelings of boredom and skepticism as he reads social media content. Here are ten questions he has asked himself in those moments. 

1. Is improving productivity and physical health really the aim of all life choices?

2. Is being a “rock star” really the best metaphor for excelling?

3. Can we really learn how to succeed from outlier success stories?

4. Can you really tell us how to be innovative?

5. Was that particular neologism really a good idea?

6. Have we really all been doing everything (such as peeling bananas) the “wrong way”?

7. Does every useful tip have to be called a “hack”?

8. Are instructions for living really the most compelling kind of content?

9. Does specifying the number of items in a list really make it seem more important?

10. Will we really not believe what happens next?

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