Promotional miscellany: Consulting and BizJam

Originally published May 3, 2007

Some of you have sent email or left comments asking for advice about how to name your company. The Name Inspector hopes you understand that it takes work to come up with good suggestions, and it’s not really sensible for him to do that work for free because his time is scarce and there are names to inspect and other things to attend to. So, as a response to these requests, The Name Inspector has decided to offer consulting services. If you’d like help with a naming project, ranging from a brief consultation to a full-on naming effort, please click on the “consulting” link at the top of the page to find out what to do.

While we’re on the subject of tooting one’s own horn, The Name Inspector would like to call everyone’s attention to an upcoming event that all independent (and independent-minded) businesspeople of the Pacific Northwest should attend: BizJam. It’s happening on June 9, and it’s organized by the good folks at Biznik, so it’s bound to be truly fun, interesting, and useful. The Name Inspector will be be speaking about “How to choose the perfect name for your business”. Head Bizniks Dan McComb and Lara Eve Feltin have done an impressive job of fostering an independent business community in Seattle and initiating and promoting great events. If you miss this one you’ll hear about it later and be sorry.

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