Professor Name Inspector is a real Dawg!

Originally published April 30, 2015

The University of Washington is one of those grand, beautiful flagship public universities and a driving force in Seattle’s hopping economy. The Name Inspector has loved the UW ever since he moved to Seattle, and not only because he happens to be married to a brilliant and beautiful history professor who works there. Heck, his kids even learned to ride their bikes on Red Square.

But now The Name Inspector will have a more official connection to the Huskies. He is delighted to announce that he has accepted an offer to become a Professor of Practice in the UW’s Department of Communication!

But wait! That doesn’t mean he won’t be The Name Inspector any more. That’s one of the great things about this new gig. It’s a half-time appointment, and during the other half of his time, The Name Inspector will keep being The Name Inspector (that’s the “practice” part). He’ll keep accepting naming clients (but will have to be even more selective about which projects he works on) and he’ll even try to step up the posting activity on this blog, to set a good example for the youngsters (though his professorial alter ego will no doubt have his own web presence).

You might not even know what a Professor of Practice is. Don’t feel bad, because everyone seems to be figuring that out. It’s a new job title at the UW (and many other institutions) that’s modeled on positions in professional schools for practitioners who teach professional skills. Clinical Professor in a medical school is one example. So, not only can The Name Inspector keep being The Name Inspector, but he was in fact hired partly for being The Name Inspector! (The PhD in linguistics didn’t hurt either.) And he seems to have the honor of being the very first Professor of Practice in the Social Sciences Division at the UW.

What this all means is that The Name Inspector gets to spend some time on the almost ridiculously beautiful UW campus teaching about language in branding, social media, and popular discourse. There will certainly by some discussion of microstyle. If The Name Inspector were a cat, this would be like a field of catnip. Since he’s now a Dawg, I guess it should be like a big bone, but somehow that doesn’t sound as nice.

Go Huskies!

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