Introducing The Name Inspector

We all eat and breathe company names and brand names. They occupy an ever-expanding space in our cultural environment. As the most carefully designed additions to the popular vocabulary, they are literary miniatures: nanopoems. They influence us, annoy us, and make us laugh, but mostly for reasons that elude our conscious minds.

The Name Inspector takes a close look at names and tells you what makes them click (or clunk) from a linguistic point of view. He does not offer marketing treatises on branding strategy or analyses of corporate nomenclature systems. He is concerned with the linguistic essence of names: how they feel and sound when spoken, what they look like when written, and the meanings and moods they evoke in their contexts.

The Name Inspector has a finely tuned ear for names. A sharp eye. A delicate palate. He has a PhD in Linguistics and years of experience as a professional namer and name analyst. Let him show you the inner workings of names.

Originally published Jan 8, 2007

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