How to get the most out of your children

Originally published Feb 21, 2016

Note: The Name Inspector received this important parenting advice from an associate, who has allowed it to be shared on the condition of anonymity. 

Parenting is a major investment. Smart parents plan strategically to maximize their ROI down the road.

The first step is to build a world-class team out of children who are truly passionate about childhood. During the onboarding process, you must clearly communicate your family’s culture, values, and mission.

To optimize your children’s lifetime value, it is essential to familiarize them with best practices from the start. They should know how all their actions contribute to the family’s goals. Having clear metrics in place is crucial.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your children have the resources they need to execute their plans effectively. When inefficiencies occur, identify and eliminate the bottlenecks.

The value of your children goes beyond their direct contribution to the bottom line, of course. They are also brand ambassadors for your family. Speak to them in an authentic voice and they will be empowered to communicate your family’s brand authenticity to various stakeholders across multiple touchpoints.

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