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The naming of Gist

Aaaaah what a nice restful vacation The Name Inspector has had. Anything interesting happen while he was gone? How’s the…wait…is it actually 2010? April? Holy cripes. Because it’s been such a long time since The Name Inspector did his last post, he’ll make this a special one. He’ll give you the inside story of the [...]

The Name Inspector has been nominated for the “Top 100 Language Blogs 2009″ contest run by the blog LexioPhiles. Please consider giving him your vote.

On Wednesday the Global Language Monitor “announced” that English got its one-millionth word at precisely 10:22 am GMT that day. And the word was Web 2.0, so naturally, blogs such as  Mashable, John Battelle’s Searchblog,  and TechCrunch took notice. Now, The Name Inspector realizes that the “millionth word” story is a ridiculous play for attention [...]

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The Name Inspector is pleased and flattered to have been mentioned by lexicographer Grant Barrett on his radio show “A Way with Words“, produced by NPR affiliate station KPBS in San Diego. Here’s a link to the podcast. Grant mentions The Name Inspector just a couple minutes in when he talks about two of his [...]

The Name Inspector would like to remind everyone in the Seattle area about BizJam, which is happening all day this coming Saturday. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to go, take note: The Name Inspector is prepared to offer one of his readers a half-price discount on admission. The first person to send [...]

The Name Inspector’s 10 name types post has been translated into Russian. Just for fun, here it is translated back into English by Google Translate.

Are you a businessperson in the Seattle area? Are you naming (or renaming) your company, product or service? Join The Name Inspector for a Biznik workshop on Monday, March 19. The cost is $20, and don’t dawdle, because the workshop is limited to 20 participants. Basic membership in Biznik is free, so click on the [...]

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