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The Name Inspector would like to apologize to those of you who’ve recently contacted him about office hours. He’s been overwhelmed with requests, too busy to schedule times for consultation, and falling behind in his email. So he’s done what any sane person would do under the circumstances: slipped out of his office in disguise [...]

The Name Inspector is pleased to make an announcement: After months of arduous book proposal writing and revising, he’s landed a book deal with W.W. Norton. Norton is the largest American book publisher not owned by a corporate media conglomerate, and The Name Inspector is thrilled to be under contract with them. The book is [...]

The office hours experiment has been a smashing success. The Name Inspector should have done it a long time ago. So the fun continues! If you haven’t signed up for your own $20 verbal branding consultation yet, you can still do it. And here’s a new twist. The Name Inspector feels bad about excluding people [...]

Seattle-area residents: Are you naming a new business, product, or service? Are you considering a name change? Do you have other questions about verbal branding? And that includes branding yourself: Are you trying to put your best verbal foot forward in a resume? It’s come to The Name Inspector’s attention that lots of people would [...]

President Obama

The Name Inspector likes the sound of that. [tags]obama, election, election2008[/tags]

If Obama wins the presidential election, he won’t just make history for being the first black president of the United States. He’ll also break new linguistic ground in the list of presidents’ names. And The Name Inspector is not talking about the fact that his middle name is Hussein. Coming to terms with the blend [...]

Until that elusive next name analysis appears, The Name Inspector would like to offer his readers another rare treat: a chance at a free pass to the Biznik-sponsored BizJam indie business conference happening next Wednesday and Thursday in Seattle. Long-time readers, or readers who’ve done some clicking around on this blog, might remember The Name [...]

Sometimes The Name Inspector has little passing thoughts that never amount to blog posts, so he’s decided to try this “Twitter” thing all the kids are talking about. Follow him at And no, he hasn’t stopped writing real posts. An unusual one is coming soon. [tags]twitter[/tags]

After a brief scare, The Name Inspector is happy to report that his WordPress installation is up-do-date, his blog spam-free, and his musings back in Google search results. Something at Google is working very efficiently, whether it’s the crawl or the appeal process, and The Name Inspector appreciates that.

The Name Inspector is reaching out to regular readers with a warning and a plea. It will be mostly regular readers reading this, because The Name Inspector has been dropped from Google search results. Until recently this site was among the top ten or so results for searches on “company names” and “naming”, and now [...]

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