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Communication vs. verbal design

Originally published Oct 14, 2015 Because naming involves words, it’s often discussed and evaluated as if it were primarily a matter of verbal communication, like a special kind of copywriting. Actually naming lies at the intersection of communication and design. … Continue reading

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When you are your own client

Originally published Jul 27, 2015 From a namer’s point of view, a name has to work in two ways. First, it has to be smartly conceived and well designed linguistically. If it is, it’s likely to achieve what it needs … Continue reading

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You can name your startup yourself. Should you?

Originally published Jan 29, 2015 Founders, you can come up with a good name for your startup on your own. You may be surprised to hear this from The Name Inspector, who is, after all, a naming consultant. So why … Continue reading

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Hard truths of naming: Face them now and save time

Originally published Jun 15, 2011 Naming isn’t all soft, fuzzy language stuff. Mind you, The Name Inspector loves the soft, fuzzy language stuff. It’s his job to love it. But he realizes that businesspeople often have more practical considerations on … Continue reading

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The naming of Gist

Originally published Apr 6, 2010 Aaaaah what a nice restful vacation The Name Inspector has had. Anything interesting happen while he was gone? How’s the…wait…is it actually 2010? April? Holy cripes. Because it’s been such a long time since The … Continue reading

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Six naming myths to ignore

Originally published Apr 17, 2009 When people face challenges they feel unprepared for, they want rules. They want experts to explain to them clearly and unequivocally what to do. And there’s usually no shortage of people willing to step into … Continue reading

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