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Reminder: Ignite tonight!

Seattleites: Don’t forget to come to the Capitol Hill Arts Center tonight for Ignite Seattle!. The Make Magazine paper airplane event starts at 6:30, and the 5-minute talks start at 8:30 (the second round starts at 9:45). The Name Inspector will be merely one of sixteen fascinating speakers. [tags]ignite, igniteseattle, ignite seattle, paper airplanes, lightning [...]

Residents of the Seattle area, have you been to Ignite Seattle!? (Please note that The Name Inspector is not loose with his exclamation points–that one is part of the name Ignite Seattle!.) The third one is happening next week–Thursday, April 5–at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. At 6:30 there’s some sort of group building project [...]

Are you a businessperson in the Seattle area? Are you naming (or renaming) your company, product or service? Join The Name Inspector for a Biznik workshop on Monday, March 19. The cost is $20, and don’t dawdle, because the workshop is limited to 20 participants. Basic membership in Biznik is free, so click on the [...]

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