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Namificationology just got serious

Originally published Oct 13, 2014 The Name Inspector might seem a tad obsessed with company names that end with the -ify suffix (like Spotify). Last year he released a chart showing the crazy growth of this naming fad. And now here he is with … Continue reading

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Microstyle in Turkish!

Originally published Aug 20, 2014 The Name Inspector is pleased to report that the Turkish translation of Microstyle has been published by BZD Yayincilik! It actually happened a while ago but only recently came to his attention. So now there … Continue reading

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Naming fad visualized: Did Spotify start it?

Originally published Jul 26, 2013 Back in 2011 The Name Inspector wrote a post about the proliferation of startup names that make creative use of the suffix -ify, such as Spotify. At the time he deemed the trend “disturbifying”, identifying about a dozen … Continue reading

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Ronald Johnson

Originally published Mar 11, 2013 The Name Inspector has had a hard time writing this post. The reason is a sad one: his father died in January. It isn’t so much that grieving has made it impossible to work. Rather, … Continue reading

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Fab is!

Originally published Jun 8, 2012 It’s been a while since The Name Inspector did a regular old post on a great name. So you know what’s a great name? Fab, that’s what. As in, the daily-deal site that features … Continue reading

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A goy’s guide to the Passover Seder

Originally published Apr 6, 2012 The Name Inspector is about more than just names–he considers himself a sort of cultural ambassador. So he’s setting aside his name inspecting cap for a moment to perform a timely public service. If you Gentiles … Continue reading

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Queasy living

Originally published Mar 13, 2012 Before the financial unpleasantness of recent years, and the attendant collapse in the housing market, developers were throwing up cheap condos all over Seattle trying to accommodate /capitalize on the growing population. Now you see … Continue reading

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Hmm, Pinteresting

Someone should write about the name Pinterest. Pause. Don’t you think someone should write about Pinterest? Pause. OK, it looks like The Name Inspector is going to have to do it. Pause. Sometimes it seems like he’s the only one who ever … Continue reading

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Achieve life goals and odd spellings beyond your wildest dreams!

Originally published Jan 30, 2012 The Name Inspector was amused–and appalled–to read in the New York Times about a website called Noomii. It’s a directory to help you find a life coach or business coach, and yes, it’s supposed to evoke the … Continue reading

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Microstyle in Korean!

Originally published Nov 21, 2011 The Name Inspector received a mysterious package of books today from Norton, publisher of his book Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little. The paperback version already? No, too early for that. Inside he was delighted to … Continue reading

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