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A fun way to spend a rainy hour in Seattle is to browse in Uwajimaya, a huge Asian supermarket in the International District (which locals call “the ID”). There you can see products that, from a mainland American point of view (at least this mainland American point of view), are pretty exotic. Things like durian-flavored [...]

The experiment continues. The Name Inspector is once again having “office hours” consultations at greatly reduced prices. In-person meetings are best (for you Seattle folks), but phone/chat works too. Contact him today or tomorrow for details.

A few days ago John Cook reported that lawyers from job site Jobdango want the folks at Zoodango, a site that has nothing to do with jobs, to stop using the name Zoodango because the -dango ending infringes on Jobdango’s trademark. Zoodango CEO James Sun said they’d fight the trademark issue even though they’re changing [...]

The Name Inspector would like to apologize to those of you who’ve recently contacted him about office hours. He’s been overwhelmed with requests, too busy to schedule times for consultation, and falling behind in his email. So he’s done what any sane person would do under the circumstances: slipped out of his office in disguise [...]

The office hours experiment has been a smashing success. The Name Inspector should have done it a long time ago. So the fun continues! If you haven’t signed up for your own $20 verbal branding consultation yet, you can still do it. And here’s a new twist. The Name Inspector feels bad about excluding people [...]

The Name Inspector has recently learned about Lard Butt, a new athletic apparel company based here in Seattle. This is a great example of naming done right. First, there are the positive associations of lard, a filling and economical ingredient that makes fried foods taste great. The word lard also calls to mind larder, which [...]

Marcelo Calbucci and the other good people at Seattle 2.0 have done a lot to help the startup community in Seattle. Now they’re doing something else: organizing the Seattle 2.0 Awards 2009 to recognize others who’ve made important contributions to the startup scene. Please consider visiting the awards website and nominating your favorites in a [...]

Seattle-area residents: Are you naming a new business, product, or service? Are you considering a name change? Do you have other questions about verbal branding? And that includes branding yourself: Are you trying to put your best verbal foot forward in a resume? It’s come to The Name Inspector’s attention that lots of people would [...]

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