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Last month Rogelio Bernal Andreo shared this naming story with The Name Inspector: The story of coRank is a bit unusual. Back early last year I was thinking of launching a couple of services and wasn’t sure what name to pick (you know how “easy” is to grab a decent .com these days), so I [...]

Several months ago Mike Buckbee told The Name Inspector about his startup named Fabjectory. It will take a 3D digital representation of your Nintendo Mii or SecondLife avatar, or a 3D model you create yourself with SketchUp, and turn it into an actual physical object. Making the virtual real seems to be a new trend. [...]

Naming 101 for Seattle 2.0

Marcelo Calbucci, founder and CTO of Sampa, invited The Name Inspector to do a guest post for his Seattle 2.0 blog. The post is up. It’s a brief and basic naming primer for entrepreneurs. Readers of this blog, connoisseurs that you are, may find the material a bit elementary, but just in case you want [...]

Some of you have sent email or left comments asking for advice about how to name your company. The Name Inspector hopes you understand that it takes work to come up with good suggestions, and it’s not really sensible for him to do that work for free because his time is scarce and there are [...]

A while ago Allegra Searle-LeBel sent in a story about naming her online media-editing startup: We had been struggling for about 2 months, trying to find the right name. There was this funny, almost mystical sense that it existed *somewhere*. We just needed to keep slogging through the troughs of lame options and almost good [...]

Hosting that Biznik workshop on naming has inspired The Name Inspector to post some tips about the actual naming process. First, to get an idea of how much money and time big corporations spend on name development, check out Valleywag’s post about how AOL named its new search service (thanks to Brady Forrest for sending [...]

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