The Name Inspector is a verbal branding specialist based in Seattle, Washingon. He has named many companies, including Zulily, Seattle’s newest multibillion-dollar online retailer.

Though firmly rooted in Seattle’s lively startup scene, The Name Inspector works with clients from all over the world to name (and rename) all sorts of businesses, products, and services.

The Name Inspector also wrote a book, under the name of his alter ego Christopher Johnson, called Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little, published by Norton in 2011. It’s a field guide to the age of the incredible shrinking message.

The Name Inspector has a finely tuned ear for names. A sharp eye. A delicate palate. He has a PhD in linguistics and years of experience as a naming and verbal branding specialist. In this blog he takes a close look at names and tells you what makes them tick–or tank.

You can hire The Name Inspector to help you with your own verbal branding challenge.

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